Building Heritage Knowledge Framework using Context Ontologies – Regeneration of industrial areas – the “Isola del Liri” case study





The growth of urban areas and the increase of urban migrations caused an incorporation of industrialized areas in the development of cities. The difficulties related to city planning in these areas could be coped with more satisfactorily through the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Context ontologies plus reasoning rules to reuse old industrial buildings. The ‘Context’ entities and rules are studied using a Context Knowledge Model formalized with Protégé OWL (Ontology Web Language). The study was carried out on industrial buildings situated in southern Lazio – Italy – in particular a paper mill network. Applying GIS instruments to the study of these areas is not enough as designers can only obtain information, but not knowledge, which depends on the urban, historical, cultural, economic, environmental and juridical ‘context’. The goal of this research is to create a combination of these technologies to manage knowledge for a more aware design to regenerate old industrial areas with new uses.



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